macarte Uniprix reward program.
1) How does the macarte Uniprix reward program work? ?
Uniprix stores in Sherbrooke and Magog now offer you a reward program. When you become a member, you’ll earn points on eligible purchases in store—points you can then exchange to pay for purchases of $5 or more at any participating Uniprix store. All you need is a minimum of 2,500 points to get started. As a member, you can also take advantage of great benefits and exclusive privileges! This program is available to Canadian residents 14 or older.
2) Which Uniprix stores are participating in the macarte Uniprix program?
Isabelle Fauteux
1850 King Street East
819 564-2101
Geneviève Breton et Philippe Tourigny
2235 Galt Street West
819 569-9349

Chemika Mamodehoussen
610 King Street East
819 569-9251

Simon Grégoire et David Thibault
330 rue des Érables
819 823-1515

Annie Lamontagne et Stéphanie Moffet
904 Principale Street West
819 843-5003

3) How do I sign up for the program?

There are 2 ways to sign up for the program:

IN STORE: Simply complete the application form available at participating Uniprix stores and hand it to a cashier, who will then provide you with a reward card featuring a unique number.

ONLINE: You can also sign up for the program online at Simply complete the application form in full, then print and bring the confirmation message to any participating Uniprix store to receive your macarte Uniprix card.

4) How do I earn points?

For every eligible purchase made at a participating Uniprix store, you’ll receive 5 points per $1 in purchases, before tax.

You can also earn bonus points on select purchases and special offers.

No points will be given for the purchase of prescription and over-the-counter medications (products governed under the Pharmacy Act and other applicable laws), purchases made at certain outside merchants who operate in participating stores (e.g. transit tickets, lottery tickets, products offered at the Sears and Canada Post counters, calling cards, etc.), fees for home delivery, account payments, bottle deposits, the purchase of Uniprix gift cards, or any other product that, from time to time, Uniprix may choose to exclude from the program.

5) If I don’t have a macarte Uniprix, can I still earn points on my purchases?
In order to earn points, you must present your macarte Uniprix (or the mobile version on your smartphone or tablet) at the start of the transaction when making your purchase.
6) If I’ve forgotten my macarte Uniprix, can I claim my points at a later time?
Yes! Points earned on eligible purchases can be claimed at any participating Uniprix store within 30 days of purchase. There’s a limit of 3 transactions per day. Just visit the cosmetic counter at any participating Uniprix store with your receipt(s) and macarte Uniprix card, or visit, select the “I forgot my card” option and complete the information. Be sure to have your receipt(s) in hand.
7) What can I do with the points I earn?

Your points can be exchanged starting at $5 (equivalent to 2,500 points) for a minimum transaction of $5—used to claim a reward or pay a bill in whole or in part (before tax). To exchange your points, simply present your carte macarte Uniprix card to the cashier before the payment portion of your transaction. You may also have to present a valid ID. In order to exchange points, you must complete your member profile (information requested on your application form) in full and have at least 2,500 points in your account.

Ineligible products (see question 4) cannot be paid for with Uniprix points. Taxes calculated on the total purchase price before any savings/rewards are applied must be paid in full by the member.

8) How long are my points valid for?
Your points are valid indefinitely, so long as you make at least one transaction (earn or exchange points) within a 12-month period.
9) Is my Uniprix Beauty card still valid?
Your new macarte Uniprix card replaces the Uniprix Beauty card. However, all purchases accumulated on your Uniprix Beauty card will be converted to your macarte Uniprixcard at a rate of 50 points per $1 in eligible purchases. In order to earn Uniprix points, you must first sign up to the program and complete your member profile. Be sure to indicate your Uniprix Beauty card number in your macarte Uniprix card profile to ensure your purchases are converted. You have 3 months from the date the macarte Uniprix card program begins to request a transfer of your Uniprix Beauty purchases to your new macarte Uniprix card.
10) Can I transfer my Uniprix points to someone else?
Unfortunately, you cannot transfer your Uniprix points to another program member. However, up to five (5) family members residing at the same address can combine accounts, provided that all family members are 14 years or older and have a valid email address. To combine accounts, the member making the request must do so by going online, signing in to their account, selecting the “Merge accounts” option, and filling out all relevant information.
11) Can a lost or stolen card be replaced?
Yes! If ever your macarte Uniprix, card is lost or stolen, advise Uniprix immediately at or by visiting the cosmetic counter of any participating Uniprix store. You will receive a new card upon presentation of valid ID. The balance of unredeemed Uniprix points will be transferred to your new card.
12) What should I do if I change my address, name or any other information in my member profile?
Be sure to advise Uniprix of any change to the information in your member profile, such as your name, address, phone number, or email, at or by visiting the cosmetic counter of any participating Uniprix store.
13) What is Beauté connectée?
Connect to our free in-store Wi-Fi network and discover an unparalleled cosmetics experience, featuring privileges tailored to your unique needs. Enjoy personalized offers on your favourite perfumes, beauty products and brands, as well as invitations to select VIP events: earn more points, faster than ever! To start benefiting from Beauté connectée, talk to a beauty consultant, who will introduce you to a world of customized advantages and valuable additional points.